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Correspondent Banks

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Correspondent banks involved in most cross-border funds transfers via SWIFT. Banks (respondents) open accounts in large financial institutions to settle the payments between each other. Those accounts called Nostro.

Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) - default instructions of a bank or other financial institution for the payments and delivery of securities. In cross-border payments usually, it is a list of nostro accounts in correspondent banks.

While normally Standard Settlement Instructions are stored in a SWIFTRef database, and most of the banks involved in cross-border payments can access this information, sometimes it is useful to check them yourself in advance. Examples of such situations:

The largest correspondent banks for USD currency are:

How Do I Find a Correspondent Bank Online?

There are 3 ways how to get a list of correspondents for a specific bank including their SWIFT codes:

How Standard Settlement Instructions Look Like?

Usually, it is a list of currencies, correspondent banks and account numbers in those banks. Here is an example for Hipotekarna Banka:


Some of the banks share the list of correspondent banks on their official web sites. For example, Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nuertingen or RAIFFEISENLANDESBANK.

Find Your Bank by Country and Get a List of Correspondent Banks

We understand that finding a bank by a SWIFT/BIC code or a name could be challenging. You can select a country below and find a bank in the list. After that you will be able to get its correspondents banks and other useful information related to SWIFT money transfers.