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Track Your Pacs.008 SWIFT Payment

3 Steps to Track Your SWIFT Payment

1. Ask your bank for a payment confirmation, MT103 preferrably.

2. Find UETR, Reference #, amount, currency and value date as per scheme below.

3. Check the SWIFT status in our one and only independent SWIFT tracker.

MT103 fields for SWIFT tracking online

Tracking You SWIFT - Frequently Asked Questions

We partner with major correspondent banks that offer SWIFT GPI Basic tracking services. We aggregate this data so you can have a comprehensive view of what's going on with your payment.

A pacs.008 SWIFT message is a financial institution credit transfer message used to instruct the transfer of funds from a debtor's account to a creditor's account. It is part of the ISO 20022 standard.

You can track a pacs.008 SWIFT message using the Unique End-to-End Transaction Reference (UETR) provided by your bank. This reference allows you to monitor the status of your payment through the SWIFT gpi tracker.

To track a pacs.008 message, you typically need the Unique End-to-End Transaction Reference (UETR), the sender's reference, and other details such as the transaction amount and date. This information can be obtained from your bank.

If your pacs.008 message is delayed, you should contact your bank and request an investigation. Provide them with the UETR and any other relevant details to help track the status of the payment and identify any issues causing the delay.

Yes, if your bank is part of the SWIFT gpi network, you can see the status of your pacs.008 message in real-time. The SWIFT gpi tracker provides updates on the payment's status, location, and any processing times or delays. You can also check the status here on TrackMySwift: typically you will see the latest status in SWIFT (in progress, rejected, credited) and sometimes status in 1 or 2 banks in the chain.