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Route Analysis Update

Today we have released an updated version of Route Analysis tool. In addition to simulating the payment route based on Standard Settlement Instructions of the sender's bank and receiver's bank, it also highlights the banks which has been checked for the payment status.

On the example above you can see that the payment didn't pass through Bank of New York Mellon (swift/bic code IRVTUS3N), however we know that it passed via Citibank. If you click on the icon “i”, you can also check what was the status in this bank.

I know most of you would like to have a simple answer on the question “where is my payment and how to speed it up?”, but, trust me, we are doing our best to get as much closer to that as possible. I recommend everyone to request sender's bank about the status of the payment, because often they have much more details (using SWIFT GPI and other tools). TrackMySwift is a solution only for those who cannot receive proper answers from the bank.

As usual, Route Analysis tool is available for our users who purchased 10 tracking attempts for a selected SWIFT payment. We are committed to deliver subscription-based model by the end of August for industry professionals to avoid paying for each payment individually.

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