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TrackMySwift is one and only independent tracking service for SWIFT international money transfers and a database of correspondent relations.

Our mission is to make cross-border payments faster, transparent and more secure.

When TrackMySwift can be helpful?

How does it work? TrackMySwift looks up status data of your SWIFT payment in GPI trackers of several large financial institutions and aggregate it so you can have an independent view on what's going on with your payment.

TrackMySwift recently added ability to get the list of correspondent accounts for any bank by a SWIFT code. Check out examples for KOEXKRSE, BOFMCAM2, FIRNZAJJ.

Our service does not replace GPI tracking which is usually provided by your bank.

TrackMySwift is not affiliated with S.W.I.F.T. organization.

If you experience any problems with our services, please contact us.