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Open a Business Bank Account: Compare Banks for Cross-Border Payments.

Opening a Company Bank Account

Navigating the banking landscape to open a company bank account in the UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Europe can be a daunting task, especially for businesses whose owners reside outside of these jurisdictions. TrackMySwift launched a service which allows to compare banks and fintech providers based on your industry, requirements and limitations.

Business Accounts for Non-Resident Owners

We have partnered with banks and financial institutions which understand the challenges of high-risk clients:

The service provided free of charge, you pay only a street price of bank / PSP if you decide to open an account. Keep in mind that this service is only for company accounts, we will introduce personal accounts later.

Documents Required for Business Account Opening

While the exact list of documents required may vary by bank / PSP and jurisdiction, here is a general checklist:

*Additional documents may be required during the bank's due diligence process.

TrackMySwift Introductory Services

Given these complexities, many businesses turn to professional introductory services to facilitate the account opening process. TrackMySwift offers such services tailored to your company's needs free of charge. By completing a basic application, we provide you with a curated selection of bank and Payment Service Provider (PSP) options that match your business profile, making a warm introduction to these institutions.

Here’s what TrackMySwift does for you:

With TrackMySwift, you can overcome the inherent challenges of cross-border banking. After the account is successfully opened, you'll work directly with the financial organization—our role is simply to enable a smoother journey in getting you started.

Introductory services are provided free of charge.